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How To Always Travel On A Limited Budget Smartly

Traveling is exciting. Who doesn't like getting on a plane and going to another country? These tips will help you keep the full traveling experience while having a limited amount of money.

1. Be flexible
Hotels and Airlines usually have higher prices in the summertime when everyone travels, that makes them more money. May is one of the cheapest months to travel. Download a flight book app like Skyscanner and keep searching daily several dates until you find the cheapest and best one. Do the same with hotels too. Dates are everything when it comes to saving some extra money on traveling.

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2. Hotels CAN be cheap
Find a hotel with the basic amenities only. That's wifi and a clean room. If you really want to save extra bucks on your hotel, skip the breakfast. Find a hotel without breakfast and room service. Eat breakfast every morning at a cafe instead. Another way to save on hotels is the distance they have from the city center. Booking hotels slightly outside the city center are ultimately cheaper. Prepare to walk or use public transport.

3. Organize your own tours.
Booking a group traveling with a tour guide is usually not worth it. The internet makes it easier to find all the info you need about the city you are visiting. You can visit museums or sights without a tour guide. Just find all the info online, screenshot them or save them and you are ready to go. Use public transport and walk and that'll cut your traveling costs even more.

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4. Don't eat at restaurants.
If you want to save money on vacation, the food is one thing you should notice. Eating at restaurants in the city center is more expensive than anywhere else. Choose fast food or smaller restaurants in the suburbs if you still want to taste the traditional cuisine. Restaurants in the city center can be more expensive because their rents are higher so they have to have higher prices to keep up with the costs. Restaurants at the mall are usually cheaper too.

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