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How to Properly Use Marketing to Grow Your Business

Everyone talks about Marketing but not many mention how to properly use the marketing techniques. These tips will be helpful for anyone looking to grow their brand or business.

Marketing, first of all, is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. So that basically means, figuring out the effective way to sell your product or service.
But how can I do that?

1. Advertising to a targeted audience.
Almost every single small business spends their advertising budget wrong and that's because each market has a certain population that's interested. For example, if you're advertising your beauty salon on Facebook Ads, you need to choose your targeted audience and in this occasion is maybe people who are interested in makeup, hair, beauty, beauty salon. You need to also find your location, if you're a local business focus on your area before possibly expanding. If you can't find who is willing to buy your product or service you'll end up spending budgets with 0 result.

2. Free advertising.
This method can be applied to many businesses, it might need a $300-500 budget to set up but it's worth it in the long term. Sometimes it's completely free. If you have a physical business lets say a coffee shop, you can do this for free. So what is it? You offer your customers a 10% discount and they share your page or location on one of their social media. A Facebook Check-In is the most effective. Tell your customers about this offer before checking out and more than half will love it. Getting people to check-in will make your business blow up and if that person has 500 FB friends, 300 will see that post and you will get new customers out of nowhere. If you have an online store you may tell your website designer to create the same for you

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3. Returning Customers.
You want to get new customers but they it's 100% useless if you don't manage to get at least 30% of them to return and shop again.
This can be done with offers. Give out a card to every customer and stamp it on their checkout, give them something free, for example, free coffee with every 6 stamps, 1 stamp with every order and many customers will do it because people love and appreciate free stuff. 

4. Create events.
Every 2 or 3 months, host a sale event at your store. If you have a restaurant give free desserts and drinks with every order. If you have a cafe give all drinks for free just for one day. This will cost you some money but in the future many of those people will return and become your customers.

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