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Why People Hate Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj is one of the well established and well known female rappers out. 2018 has been the roughest year for Minaj's career since her 'Queen' album rollout seems like a mess to many people. 

Nicki Minaj has been on top since she first debuted her first hit album along with her Diamond single Super Bass that sold over 14 million units worldwide. Her second album was also a hit and her third album was really successful too. 

The talented female MC is one of the most loved yet hated celebrities and in 2018 the so-called "Nicki Hatetrain" is hitting an all-time high. 

The main reason Nicki is hated is her longevity. She's been winning for more than 8 years. Labels and management teams of other female rappers want her out of the spotlight so they can make more money for their clients and for themselves. These management teams and labels pay money or services to media outlets and blogs to point out everything Nicki Minaj does that can be considered scandalous or wrong. That negative media coverage causes Nicki to lose fans and that benefits the other teams that have more space to expand their artist's fanbase.

In 2017 there was a news story about female rappers Lady Leshurr and Cupcakke being offered $250,000 from Atlantic label to start beef with Nicki Minaj. They both denied the offer.
In an interview, Lady Leshurr said the label offered her $250k record deal to start beef with Nicki Minaj and she also said they wanted to give her a big debut in the American market since she is from the UK.

Currently, there's totally someone behind the scenes paying media outlets and celebrities to hate Nicki Minaj in an attempt to ruin her image, either a label or a person, but her fans also known as 'Barbz' are not having it and attack anyone who spreads false information about their fave.

Despite many people paying for Nicki Minaj's downfall, her 4th studio album is set for release on August 10 and her recent collab "FEFE" with 6ix9ine rapper is expected to hit #1 on Billboard in the following weeks.

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