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eBay vs Amazon? Which is Better?

eBay and Amazon are the leading online marketplace platforms that millions use daily to shop. Which one is better though? 

eBay has averagely lower prices and better deals than Amazon's marketplace. A phone case on Amazon would cost $9 vs just $4 on eBay. 

Amazon definitely has better and faster shipping services than most eBay products and sellers. Amazon is known for its premium delivery services that are usually $5-10. eBay products on the other hand, usually offer free worldwide shipping which takes longer to deliver.

eBay undoubtedly has a longer selection of products, colors, options etc. You can find more products at all prices.

Customer Service:
Both platforms have a great customer service before and after the sale.

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eBay is the winner on this one because eBay sellers pay lower fees than Amazon sellers do so they are always able to offer the product in lower price.

Both eBay and Amazon listings have reviews so you know other people's experience with that seller/product BEFORE buying. eBay is slightly better here cause sellers have a % score that is affected based on their customer reviews. So sellers know that they must have great communication and good products to keep customers choosing their store over other eBay stores.

Overall Winner:
Amazon is a great platform to buy when you want something to be delivered fast. eBay is the winner though because it gives you a better overall customer experience with lower prices but with slower shipping times which if you are okay with, you'll save a lot of shipping money that you would pay on other platforms.

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