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5 Reasons To Quit Smoking Right Now

Smoking can weaken your immune system, make your skin look older, your breath smell bad and can even lead to death.

1. You'll be able to smell and taste
Most smokers have a lower ability to taste and smell. In fact, if you've been smoking for more than 2 years you have more than half sense of smell and taste than non-smokers. This often ends up with adding more salt or sugar in foods and drinks which leads to even more health issues including diabetes or high blood pressure. Studies show that 4-5 months after quitting smoking your taste and smell senses will be back to normal.

2. You'll look younger.
According to the American Academy of Dermatology, smoking leads to biochemical changes in the body that speed the aging process. Most long-term smokers have dry, wrinkly skin that can make a 30-year-old look 50. Is it really worth it?!

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3. You'll save A LOT of money.
Tobacco is usually pretty expensive. And most people smoke multiple cigarettes per day and spend an average of $5 a day on tobacco alone. But smoking causes so many health issues that you end up spending even more money on doctor appointments. Asthma is one of the most common health effects of cigarette smoking. You will be able to spend that money on going out or traveling or even buying new clothes or whatever makes you happy.

4. Better Hygiene.
Active smokers' clothes and body usually smells weird. Sorry to break it down but it's the truth. Your clothes need a more frequent wash and your house, car, personal items including bags, phone and shoes smell terrible because they absorb the smoke smell every time you smoke. Quitting smoking will not only keep your house and items cleaner but your body too. You'll smell nicer without even the need for perfume.

5. Better mental health. 
Your mind becomes easily addicted to smoking and people who smoke think it makes them happier and gives them a sense of relief which is not the case. Nicotine in tobacco activates your brain receptors that release a chemical called dopamine which gives you that fake feeling of happiness that is really temporary and addictive. On the other hand, non-smokers get their dopamine release from doing things that make them happy, that can be going to the gym, watching movies or eating pizza. 

So how do I quit smoking?

Experts suggest that it takes 2-3 days for your body to fully overcome the need for tobacco or smoke. The 2-3 days after you stop smoking your last ever cigarette will be hard. You'll feel the need to smoke again, have headaches, feel hungry, have anxiety and feel sad. But you just need to push through this if you really want to give up smoking for good. It's up to you to make the right choice.
It's really suggested that you do this on a 2-3 day period that you won't be going to work or school because you may not be able to really deal with it and give in to smoking again. 

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