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Doing These Things Will Make You Look More Attractive

Being attractive and looking nice for most people means buying expensive clothes and accessories but luckily, this is completely false. Here are the things that will make you look more attractive.

1. Use the color red
Red grabs the attention immediately and that's why you see red "SALE" ads and not black or brown. Wearing red clothes, shoes or red lipstick can instantly make you look more confident and therefore attractive. Even a red phone case will do the job. 

2. Have a nice posture.
Standing up with a nice, good posture is a major key to looking beautiful and attractive. No matter how tall or short you are, having a good posture can do wonders. 

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3. Be kind.
Most people think being messy and rude to everyone will make you look cool and hot but it only makes you look dumb. On the other hand, being nice will make you more likable because psychologically, confident people are kind to others, therefore attractive. 

4. Be confident.
Confidence for many means doing the most in order for others to like you, but the truth is, confidence comes within you. It's all about how YOU feel about YOUrself. You can build your confidence by taking care of yourself, working on any of your goals, or working out.

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5. Body language
If you want to seem attractive to a particular person that's right in front of you, you should mimic their body language. This instantly makes them feel more confident and nice around you and makes you look more attractive. For example, if the person touches their hair, do that too, no need to be extra or obvious about it. Make it seem natural. It works.

6. Clear skin.
Having a clean and clear face is really important because that's what people will mostly look at when they're around you. In fact, according to our Instagram poll survey, 76% of people notice someone's face first before anything else. Buying a face soap is pretty cheap and will help a lot.

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