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How to Know If People Have Good or Bad Intentions?

Do you ever wonder what people around you want from you? Are they pure and love you or do they have ulterior motives?

Learn how to pick people's energy.
You really need to understand basic things about body language and how people use it. You probably didn't know it but you have a body language too. People who know how to 'read' someone's moves can tell you easily if that person is genuine or if they're telling lies etc. There are many books regarding body language but you can also find info online for free. Both ways work.

Trust your gut feeling.
Your instinct never lies and that's because our brains and bodies evolved over the years and are still evolving so our brain can instantly feel if someone is genuine or fake. You can tell if someone is a bad person when you see them or if you don't, you might feel something's wrong with them. 

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Don't worry.
If someone enters your life with bad intentions they will eventually expose themselves. Never become bitter or rude to them. But always know that if bad intentions are on the horizon they will eventually reveal themselves, usually really early so you need to pay attention.

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