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What Actually Makes A Scary Movie Scary

Most people would say a scary mask will make a movie scary but it's actually deeper than that. So what really makes a horror movie scary?

1. The fear of the dark.
People were always scared of the dark. It's not about the actual dark but instead what it hides. That's why every horror movie is scarier to watch at night.

2. The fear of death.
Every horror movie has at least one death in it and that's because human beings psychologically and physically are terrified of being killed.

3. Disfigurement.
Have you ever noticed how every horror movie has a creepy character who has a disordered or asymmetrical face? This is why young kids react to these kinds of faces even in real life. It's just psychologically terrifying to our brain.

4. Audio Effects.
Spooky music is always used in horror movies. But again, it's not any music. Carefully produced audio is used to intensify feelings of suspense and shock.

5. Anticipation and Expectations.
Scary movie directors always create the plot in a way that creates anticipation and makes the audience expect a bad thing to happen but never reveal when it's going to happen. This makes the situation even scarier.

If you are planning to watch a horror movie, remember, Everything that happens in the movie is filmed in big studios with dozens of cameramen, hair stylists, makeup artists, producers, directors behind the scenes. It's almost never real life events.

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