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When It's Really The Best Time To Work On Your Goals?

All of us have a purpose in life, something we believe in and love. Something we want to achieve but more than 90% of people never know when to start working on their goals or what to do. Well, this post is all you need to know.

The plan myth.
If you ask anyone how to achieve a goal they'd tell you to plan it and work on it. This isn't completely wrong but planning is not always a great idea. In fact, more than 56% of people(based on our survey)
never completed a task they planned to do in the future.

But how does this makes sense? We plan something in order to do it right? But we end up never doing what we planned. 

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How to achieve anything
The best way to get a task done is.....getting the task done. It's that simple yet nobody does it. If you want to have a great body don't say I'll start working out next month. You'll NEVER find a perfect time to work on your goal. 

Instead, go now and do what you need to do. If you want to get a new car and say "I'll start saving money soon." You'll never save money and you'll never buy that car you want. Start now. It's nearly impossible to achieve anything without sacrificing something whether it's money, time, sleep, going out etc.

So, the best time to work on your goals is now. Get started as soon as possible. Time flies and if you don't chase your dreams you will regret it one day. There's no worse feeling than that of regret.

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