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12 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the youngest Kardashian sister. Growing up she was surrounded by fame and most people think they know most things about her. You probably don't know these Kylie Jenner facts.

1. She's the youngest Self-Made billionaire in the world.

2. She has been in the spotlight since she was 8.

3. Kylie's middle name is Kristen.

4. Back in 2016, #KylieJennerChallenge caused controversy when little girls tried getting Kylie lips by sucking the air out of a glass pot. 

5. Her pregnancy video is currently the most viewed video on Instagram. (95+ Million views)

6. Kylie Jenner makes more than 1M dollars per day which is 20 times more than what the average American makes in a year.

7. Kylie was homeschool for many years.

8. Her first house was a 1.2M dollar mansion that she bought at 17.

9. Kylie Jenner hates Chocolate Cake but loves Chocolate.

10. Since she bought her first house at 17, Kylie owned 5 houses.

11. It usually takes her around 2 hours to get her makeup ready.

12. Kylie has never been to a School prom.

Keep killing it, Kylie!

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