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How Celebrities Protect Their Privacy

Being in the spotlight might seem easy but if you think about it it's really dangerous to have thousands or millions of people know you, where you live and where you like to hang out. Here's how celebrities protect their private life.

1. Personal Assistants
Most public figures have assistants who they pay to do certain things that they can't do or they prefer someone else doing it for them for safety reasons. These include grocery shopping, filling up the cars with gas, Shopping and more. It's safer for the assistant to go to these places rather than the celebrity because they aren't famous and they don't really have the risk of stalking.

2. Gated Communities
These areas are gated and no one who isn't invited or lives there cannot enter. Places like Hidden Hills, Calabasas are gated and it's really hard for a stalker or thief to get in there. It's a way that guarantees home privacy and ensures the celebrity's and their family safety when they're home.

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3. Flying private.
Many people consider flying private as being boujee or a waste of money but imagine flying on a commercial flight when half of the passengers know you and try to take pics of you all the time. Private jets make it safer, faster and more private(obviously) for celebrities to travel.

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