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How Celebrities Really Make Their Money

Top Tier celebrities like Beyonce or Nicki Minaj are worth millions and millions of dollars. How do celebrities make money?

1. Endorsements.
Public figures have a big audience to sell a product to so companies reach out to them to be part in campaigns like shoe collections, perfumes or billboard promotions. They can make from a few thousand to millions of dollars. Celebrities, in fact, decline a lot of these million dollar deals because they either don't want to or the deal doesn't match their personal brand.

2. Tour Shows
Tours are the most profitable way celebrities make money. Stars like Taylor Swift sell tour stadiums with over 50,000 seating capacity each. And tickets aren't cheap either. Taylor Swift usually makes 5-6 million dollars per show when she's on tour. That's in just one night.

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3. Investments.
Fame is hard to maintain for many years and very few manage to do it. Most celebrities have an income that doesn't involve their fame so they can still make money when they're no longer in the public eye. They invest in businesses, real estate or anything else that will generate them income.

4. Merch.
Merchandise is another way celebs make money from. They sell branded clothing, mugs, accessories, signed posters and more to their fans and make a profit in the process. 

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