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10 Red Signs You Might Have A Fake Friend

Modern friendships are becoming more complicated and harder to keep. These signs will show you whether you have a fake friend.

1. They are always going out of their way to embarass you and make you look stupid when others are around.

2. They ignore you when they have a problem with you instead of communicating.

3. They are never overly excited for you when you achieve something.

4. They often shoot down your ambitions or creative ideas and goals.

5. They tell you you look bad in certain items of clothing or styles when you think you look good. 

6. They will continue to talk with your exes or people who hurt you because they “don’t want to be involved”

7. They’ll make an effort to make you the butt of the joke all the time, even when disguised as being playful.

8. They will never stop you from making a harmful, wrong decision because they want to see you struggling.

9. You feel uncomfortable telling them every detail of a problem you might have and you’re not sure why.

10. They will often make you a second priority after people that may be “cooler” than you or are more popular.

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