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11 People Types That Are Low-Key Annoying

These are the most low-key annoying types of people.

1. People who change their personality to fit in.

2. People who clearly get their personalities from the internet.

3. Girls who do too much around the “cool” guys.

4. Attention seekers.

5. People who are loud, especially in the morning, for no reason.

6. People who hate on certain people, like celebrities, to fit in and look cool.

7. People who joke about your deepest insecurities.

8. People who know you’re not ugly, saying “Ugh I’m so ugly” just so people can boost their ego.

9. People who try way too hard to be “quirky” or relatable.

10. People who slut shame or body shame others. 

11. People who always ask you for money and never offer you anything. 

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