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17 Things All Teens Want Parents To Understand

Teen and Parent relationships are complicated, rocky and confusing. This list will make things a little bit clearer for parents.

Dear Parents,

1. We love you even when we don’t ever say it.

2. Instead of saying “because I said so”, just give us an actual reason so we can understand. 

3. If you see us struggling, guide us, even if we say or show you we don’t want help, we appreciate it.

4. Sometimes we feel like hiding in our room and be antisocial. 

5. Times have changed since you were a teen, so don’t compare us.

6. Even “good kids” will sometimes act out.

7. We want you to be proud of us.

8. Don’t say we are “talking back” every time we try to explain our point/view. 

9. We don’t have to share everything. Let us have some privacy. 

10. Don’t tell us to act like an adult and then treat us like kids. It’s frustrating and confusing.

11. Don’t compare us to other kids. It really hurts.

12. Sometimes we don’t need a lecture or advice, just a hug.

13. We need to make mistakes so we can grow, so don’t expect a perfect child.

14. Believe us if we say a teacher is picking on us.

15. We’re not gonna be good at every subject at school, so please accept that.

16. Even if you don’t always agree, please support our decisions.

17. We’re just trying our best. 

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