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10 Interesting Psychology Facts You Need To Know

From deja-vu analysis to serial killer birthday trends. These are the most interesting, crazy psychology facts you should know. 

1. Your pupils can expand as much as 45% when you look at someone you love(food)

2. People are generally more honest when they’re tired.

3. You can die from a heartbreak. Stress hormones can cause muscle failure in the heart.

4. Most Deja Vu that happens to us is because of a previous dream of conversation. 

5. Our memories get distorted over time. That means even your most vivid memories could be wrong.

6. People can unknowingly change their personality when speaking another language. 

7. The average person spends 25-30 years of their life sleeping.

8. Listening to sad music can have a positive effect to your brain because it makes you feel more understood.

9. Serial killers are most likely to be born in November.

10. Pets can decrease stress levels and make you much happier. 

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