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19 Random Shower Thoughts To Make Your Head Spin

Lazy people are everywhere and they do some, well, lazy things all the time. Here’s our favorite shower thoughts to burn your mind.

1. Lazy People Fact #8364638
You were too damn lazy to read that number

2. We are all just side-characters in other people’s stories.

3. There is no proof at all that everyone sees the same exact colors.

4. Crazy how we can transmit data from Mars and Wi-Fi still can’t reach people’s bedrooms. 

5. Your phone doesn’t autocorrect you when you type in Caps because it thinks you are angry and doesn’t want to get involved. 

6. A birth certificate is pretty much basically a baby receipt. 

7. Hospitals are full of people having the best day of their life, the worst day of their life, the first day of their life, the last day of their life.

8. You can remove any one letter from the word “seat” and still end up with a real word. 

9. Your stomach thinks all potato is mashed.

10. Clapping is just hitting yourself because you like something.

11. In order to fall asleep, you have to pretend that you are asleep. 

12. Nobody in the history of calm down has calmed down after being asked to calm down. 

13. Nothing is ever on fire. Fire is on things.

14. Words are just weird noises we make to communicate with each other. 

15. Every year on our calendar we pass our future death anniversary.

16. Everybody knows about the secret service.

17. When you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum-cleaner. 

18. If I punch myself in the face and it hurts does that make me strong or weak?

19. If humans could fly, we would consider it exercise and never do it. 

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