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7 “What If” Questions That Will Drive You Crazy

These “what if” questions will make you rethink and reconsider everything you ever accepted as normal.

1. What If when someone’s name randomly pops up in your mind, it’s because they are thinking of you?

2. What If we are all in a video game and each year is a new level and whoever dies has to start it all over again?

3. What If when you feel sad for no reason, it’s because someone has died with no one there to grieve for them? (Yikes)

4. What If we get high from breathing air but when someone does drugs it makes them sober and we think they’re high when we’re the ones that are actually high?

5. What If Mars has water on it because we used to live there and we messed up the climate so badly that we had to send an escape pod to earth with only Adam and Eve in it and the pod was the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?

6. If we had no eyes, then we would be unaware of the existence of color. What if we are all missing an entire aspect of our lives just because we don’t have an organ to detect it?

7. What If the reason we haven’t gotten visitors from the future is because we have no future?

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