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13 Psychology Facts You Never Thought About

These are our 13 favorite interesting psychology facts you never thought about.

1. Your brain does more creative work when you feel tired.

2. The very last person you think of before you fall asleep is the person that either causes you happiness or sadness.

3. Convincing your brain you slept well tricks your brain into thinking you actually did(I need to try this)

4. Comedians and funny people are usually more depressed than others.

5. The first tear drop of tears of joy always comes from your right eye and the first tear drop of tears of pain comes from the left eye.

6. Singing in the shower reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

7. Feeling ignored causes the same chemical effect to your brain as that of an actual, physical injury.

8. Our hearts have nothing to do with the feeling of being in love, it’s only just a chemical reaction of the brain.

9. Being alone for a long time is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

10. After every argument, 80% of people think of all the clever things they should’ve said.

11. Being unable to get someone off your mind indicates you’re on their mind too. 

12. 90% of people text things they would never say in person.

13. Your favorite song is your favorite because you associate an emotional event with it. 

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