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12 Skincare Mistakes No One Told You You’re Doing Daily

Getting and Maintaining a healthy skin is difficult and complicated. With so much information and different ideas, it’s extremely hard to know what’s best for your skin. Here’s what’s definitely NOT.

1. Not wearing sunscreen and makeup with SPF in it(you should!)

2. Not cleansing and moisturising your neck.

3. Just because you have dry skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use toner.

4. Even if you wipe your makeup off, it can still cause acne.

5. Not using spot treatment regularly.

6. Even if you have oily skin, you should still moisturize after washing it. 

7. Exfoliators and cleansers are two different things and you should use them correctly.

8. Your skincare routine differs depending on your skin type and not everyone has the same skin type and needs.

9. Only buy products that are meant for YOUR skin type. 

10. Not knowing that your diet, period, gender, habits and puberty affect your skin.

11. You should only exfoliate 4x a week at the most depending on your skin type. 

12. You should only do face masks 2x or 3x a week depending on your skin type. 

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