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7 Ways To Be More Productive When Working From Home

 Covid-19 and all quarantine restrictions made working from a much more normal routine for millions around the world. Working from home has its many pros and cons. No morning traffic but less socialising as well. Being at home all day gets distracting sometimes. So, how do you stay productive? Here our top 7 tips.

1. Limit distractions.
Your phone is the biggest distraction that could ruin a work day. It starts with a message and end up scrolling through Instagram or Twitter for hours and hours. A good trick is to keep your battery under 50% so you won't have enough power to use it for long even if you end up getting distracted.

2. Separate home from work.
Have a room dedicated to working. Don't just start working wherever you are at that moment. Your room is a great choice to be your workspace. That way, when you get in there, your mind thinks 'I'm at work' and not 'I'm still home'.

3. Don't stay in your pyjamas.
Wake up, have a good breakfast, wash your face and brush your teeth and dress for the day. This trick makes it nearly impossible to lose productivity.

4. Force yourself when you feel like it's a hard day.
Of course, there'll be times when you run out of ideas or just don't feel fully productive. Don't let that affect your work day. Give yourself the chance to have the habit of doing some work no matter the circumstances. Leaving things for "tomorrow" will most likely become "never".

5. Know when to stop. 
Don't just keep working until 10pm. Set a time each day of when your workday starts and when it finishes so you start to stick in that schedule as the days go by. This will leave you with more free time for yourself.

6. Listen to music.
Listening to music during work can be tricky, because you might get constantly tempted to change the song. We recommend putting on a playlist and listening to that instead of constantly changing songs to match your preferences. You can also create your own playlist with songs you like and listen to that.

7. Be grateful you get to work at home.
Realising you're lucky enough to be working from home will boost your productivity to another level. Many people are out there working 8-10 hours daily in more dangerous conditions. Be grateful you're in the comfort of your home working. This will make you immediately more productive.

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