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How alexwestshop is going to Dominate Print on Demand in 2021

alexwestshop started in 2016 in the small European Island of Cyprus as a Spreadshirt Shop. Since then,  alexwestshop sold more than 100,000 products and designs across multiple platforms including Spreadshirt, Redbubble, Teepublic, Society6, Zazzle, eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Printful and Teespring.

The alexwestshop website opened in November 2020 and since then it became Cyprus's biggest PoD Website just 7 days after its release and  has been growing rapidly and impressively across Europe. We asked the alexwestshop team how they implement these viral marketing tactics but they didn't want to give us a comment on anything regarding marketing, which proves the marketing mastermind behind the brand.

We took a look in other Print on Demand Websites to compare prices, shipping costs, product selection and of course how many designs are available on each platform:

The first winner on this category is alexwestshop, which charges 15 euros(18 USD) for a T-Shirt and buying 2 T-Shirts automatically gives you 5 Euros off bringing the unit cost to just 12.5 euros per T-Shirt(WHATT?!). The second lowest price for a Regular T-Shirt is offered by Teepublic, at 17 euros. 

Shipping Costs: 
The winner on this category is again, alexwestshop. At just around 6 euros, the shipping cost includes tracking and may require signature on delivery, which makes it safer for the buyer. The highest price for Shipping costs was found on Spreadshirt, at more than 10USD for normal shipping without tracking provided.

Product Selection:
The winner on the Product selection category is Zazzle, They offer 100s of different products and they even print furniture and tables(WHAATT!?). The second website with most offered products is Redbubble.

Gift options:
This really caught our attention on Facebook when we say hundreds of people posting their gifts from alexwestshop. They offer gift wrapping, 2 stickers and free gift message for only 2EUR. If you compare this gift option price(2EUR) to Amazon(5EUR), the price difference is significant

The winner is without a doubt, alexwestshop The impressive total products sold(100,000+) before even opening their own website in late 2020, the lower prices and the extremely aggressive marketing proves why this website is going to become the Biggest Print on Demand Website Worldwide.

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