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Top 5 Best Rated Phone Carriers in Washington

The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and we use our phones more than ever for pretty much anything. Connecting with people, listening to music, Getting Maps directions and of course for texting and for personal and business calls.

How do you know which phone service provider to use if you live in Washington? We'll you can't be 100% sure about which one is the best in terms of pricing, coverage and customer service in your area, but this article will make it easier for you to make a smarter choice.

We took various factors into consideration when sorting the options including 
a. Price/Plans, 
b. Coverage Strength, 
c. Customer Service. 

Best Cellural Carriers in Washington: Our Ranked List:

1. Verizon
Verizon is the biggest cell phone carrier in the U.S., and also wields the best network coverage. Like all carriers, they offer plans for personal and business users, you can buy a new phone with a pay monthly contract and they offer a trade-in program so you can give your old phone to them and get a discount on your new device.
Best known for: Great coverage across all States.
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

2. T-Mobile
T-Mobile is one of the biggest cell phone carriers in America. It has really affordable unlimited and low cost-tiered data plans. T-Mobile's 5G service now reaches more than 308 million people across the country. Of that total, 200 million can access its faster Ultra Capacity 5G service. 
Best known for: Affordable Unlimited Plan Prices 
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

3. AT&T
AT&T is one of the oldest and well established American cellular data providers. When it comes to plans, AT&T's most appealing unlimited data option is its most expensive offering — an $85-a-month Unlimited Elite plan that includes the HBO Max streaming service. 
Best known for: HBO Max for Streaming Users.
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

4. Visible
Visible Mobile is best known for its low prices and unlimited data plans. You can get unlimited data for just $40. Its 5G coverage is 230million people across 87 major Cities. It's parent network is Verizon so you will get the same great coverage as you do with Verizon, but you will probably bag some better deals with Visible.
Best Known For: Low prices.
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

5. Mint Mobile
Mint Mobile offers some of the lowest rates around, provided you're willing to pay for coverage up front. Pricing starts at $15 a month for 4GB of LTE data — that's better than even T-Mobile's Simple Connect plan. But that price is only available through the first three months of your service. To maintain that low rate, you've got to sign up for a year of coverage, limiting your flexibility to change carriers if you're not satisfied.
Best Known For: Low Rates if You Pay Upfront.
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

6. Google Fi
Google Fi is a new carrier offered by Google's Parent company Alphabet. It has one of the most powerful 5G Coverages that covers 308million people nationwide. It uses T-Mobile's Network. It has pay as you use data plans that are great for infrequent users who just don't want to pay $50 or $60 per month to have an unlimited data connection that they don't use
Best Known For: Optimised for Google Pixel/Motorola Devices.
google fi t mobile visible mint verizon at&t carrier

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